Final conference - 13.12.2022, Onisilos Lakatamias, Cyprus

Final conference - 13.12.2022, Onisilos Lakatamias, Cyprus

The final conference in Cyprus was organized in order to present the results of the project by ONISILOS LAKATAMIAS with the cooperation of CCC at the premises of ONISILOS LAKATAMIAS. 44 stakeholders participated and they had the opportunity to receive a guided introduction to the SPAUT PROJECT results and discuss how such initiatives can be adopted and promoted by persons with autism.

During the event a presentation of the SPAUT project was done by Chrystalleni Papadopoulou, a presentation of the training sessions by the coaches Andreas Tziambos and Polys Tziambos and a presentation by an autistic athlete about his experience and the changes in his life after the training. Moreover, during the event, CCC nominated the certificates to the certified coaches. Among the target audiences were representatives of public institutions (health centers, medical associations, etc.), municipal (municipal, community, etc.) and private bodies (gyms, rehabilitation centers etc.) offering health services and exercise services, policy makers and relevant stakeholders.





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